May 3

Infant Wrongful Death Settlement (Medical Malpractice)

Our firm recently reached a $250,000.00 settlement on behalf of the parents of a child whose wrongful death was the result of medical malpractice committed during his birth.  This amount represented 50% of the $500,000.00 statutory cap because this case was against a county hospital.  (Please note that there are generally no statutory caps on medical malpractice cases in Minnesota).

In the case referenced above, several months went by and the parents still were not sure why their son died a mere few days after he was born.  They were not getting any answers from the hospital where their son was delivered or from anyone else. 

February 24

Let’s Go To The Videotape!

Video evidence of encounters with police can be vital in civil rights excessive force cases.  Our firm recently resolved such a case, largely because a dashcam video recorded the events culminating in our client’s arrest and, what we believe to be, excessive force against her in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In this case, our client was struck by a police squad car.  The police officer (and the city of Minneapolis) denied any wrongdoing.  As such, we placed this matter into suit in Federal Court.

Predictably, the Defendants brought a motion for summary judgment.  The Defendants requested the Court to rule that our client had no case because there were no facts at issue.